Our handmade Perch Bobbers are beautifully crafted and finished. The Bobber suits most waters and can be fished static or even trotted.

There are few finer pleasures perfectly presenting a bait with a Rawson & Perrin Bobber and watching the tip disappear as a fish takes.

The Bobbers are available in a variety of shapes and lengths with virtually any shotting weight possible to make. The bodies can be made to a 'traditional' shape or the more egg shaped body.

Whippings can be customised with various shades of every colour available.

Tip colours are a matter of personal opinion and we can supply floats with red, yellow, black and fluorescent orange/red. Other colours can be arranged.

Rawson & Perrin Bobbers can be made with either balsa or cork bodies.

If a large set is ordered, a perfectly finished and stained wooden float box is the ideal accompliment to the floats. Boxes can also be ordered separately.

Please look at our 'Float Gallery' to view some floats we have created in the past.

Traditional Float Gallery

"I have been coarse fishing for nearly sixty years, and these wonderful hand crafted traditional floats from Rawson & Perrin are amongst the very best that I have had the pleasure to own or to use."

John Murphy