Welcome to Rawson & Perrin. We produce split cane fishing rods, handmade fishing reels and traditional floats and other fishing tackle using the finest materials to produce the finest results.

Our split cane rods are tailor made to the customer and deliver the best in performance and finish. Made entirely by hand, our products allow you to use traditionalist tackle to catch your favourite quarry.

Our beautiful reels are made to order and manufactured entirely by hand here from within our own workshop. Linking old design with new techniques to make the perfect partner for our split cane rods.

Our expertly finished fishing floats are made from the best balsa, cork and bamboo to give superb performance. Each float can be made to almost any shape and size as well as being decorated in any colour combination.

We also offer a range of other fishing equipment such as landing nets, priests, leather reel cases, float boxes etc...

All of our items are completely handmade, from our bamboo rods to our trout scoops, each item is given full care and attention to ensure it is of the best quality.

Rawson & Perrin also offer a restoration service where you can get your favourite rod restored by us.


Supporters of:

Wild Trout Trust Trade Member and SupporterMr. Crabtree's Emporium

Split Cane Fishing Rods